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Dawson's Creek Ranch Boarding Rates
At Dawson's Creek Ranch, the comfort and health of your horse is first and foremost. Our roomy 12 x 12 and 10 x 12 stalls have rubber mats and are well ventilated. We have 14 individual winter pastures and numerous summer grass pastures that are rotated regularly. All horses at Dawson's Creek receive daily turn out. This applies to the winter months, as well.

An additional 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax will be applied to all fee and services.
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Outside Board: $250/Month + Tax
Outside board includes hay twice daily when grass is no longer available. We have 14 individual pastures with shelters for the winter months and large grass pastures (rotated regularly) during the summer months.

Inside Board: $375/Month + Tax
Our airy 12 x 12 and 10 x 12 stalls have rubber mats and automatic waterers. Inside board includes hay twice daily. Boarders are welcome to purchase their own grain, which we will feed accordingly. Horses are turned out daily.

Daily Board: Stalled - $15/Day + Tax | Pasture - $10/Day + Tax
Daily board includes hay (and grain, if purchased by boarder) twice daily for stalled horses and hay twice daily (when grass is no longer available) for pasture horses.

De-Worming Service: $10 - $15 + Tax
Fecal samples are taken on all horses at Dawson's Creek to determine their individual de-worming needs. Worming schedules are set up for each horse, depending on the results of their fecal analysis. Horses will be de-wormed by barn management and fee includes price of paste as well as administration.

Optional Services
Meet vet or farrier and hold horse: $10/per horse + tax
Leaving horse in its stall at owner's request: $8/day + tax
Blanket/un-blanket horse: $3/time (on occasion) | $30/month (daily) + tax
Summer fan in stall: $10/month + tax

Hay may be purchased to take along to shows, on trail rides, etc. The following rates apply:

Extra Hay: Bales will be priced at going rate.
Extra Shavings: $7/bag + tax
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